• Postural and Bio mechanical conditions
  • Stress and Tension symptoms
  • Sports maintenance and treatment
  • Emotional and Psychological pain
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Relaxation


Holism may be defined as a philosophy of life that relates to whole rather than its parts. The holistic state is one in which an individual is integrated in all levels of being. Body, Mind and Spirit. In this state you experience a sense of joy, wonder and love toward yourself and the world. This is a hands on therapy that affects the physical and emotional levels of the body.
Emotional, mental and physical tension is stored in the muscle tissue and skilled massage applied to the soft tissue encourages the muscular and nervous system to relax, helping to relieve stress and tension.

Full body massage: 1hr 30 min R350.00
Back and Neck: 1hr R275.00

Sports Massage

This is the application of massage techniques and specialized techniques used to balance and reactivate muscles.
The Therapy is used in pre-event, post-event and intra-event training and sporting activities.
It is complementary to a training programme.
Also helpful for anyone that has occupational related over-use factors.
The therapist will assist in maintaining and assisting the athlete to become better than normal to increase the level of training by subjecting the body to gradual and controlled overuse.
The benefits of sports massage; can assist in reducing the chance of injury, through proper stretching, and event preparation.

Full Body Massage: 1hr 30min R450.00
Area specific: 1hr R275.00
Back and Neck: 1hr R275.00


Reflexology is a treatment that deals with the certainty that there are reflexes on the hands and feet that are connected to all glands, organs, and areas on the body.
This is a therapy where the thumbs and fingers are used to work on the reflex areas.
Reflexology is the art of fine tuning every part of the body in order to attain a state of equilibrium in the body. Thus sustaining health.

Full Session: 1hr R300.00​


Acupressure is the name given to the technique of stimulating the same points as acupuncture but with pressure alone. It is a great method, which can be used for individuals who are sensitive to needles or who fear needles; this would be the ideal treatment of choice.
Part of the acupressure treatment includes reflexology, auriculotherapy as well as scalp acupressure; these are also great alternatives for the individual who is not comfortable with direct touch to the parts of the body and is not comfortable with being exposed.

Full Session: 1hr R300.00​​


Is the science that uses the iris of the eye to diagnose and monitor tissue changes that are occurring or have occurred within the body. It has nothing to do with religion nor belief of a higher power. It is a pure researched diagnostic tool.
The relative strength or weakness of the constitution, tells you what your body’s general strength or weakness is.
Iridology is not a cure or treatment but only an aid meant to lead you to an accurate diagnosis.

Session including report: R400.00