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Massage therapy is aimed at the whole rather than it’s parts, where an individual is integrated in all levels of being, body, mind & spirit.

Massage therapy is a hands on therapy that affects the physical and emotional levels of the body. Emotional, mental and physical tension is stored in the muscle tissue and skilled massage applied to the soft tissue encourages the muscular and nervous system to relax, helping to relieve stress and tension.


This therapy is chiefly concerned with providing the body with the right fuels so that it can remain healthy and return to a state of health.
Major factors affecting health is; Stress, digestion, absorption, circulation and elimination. These all play a major role in determining the wellness of an individual, as they are all intimately related.
This will all be carefully examined and a plan will be complied and tailored to your body and its nutritional requirements.

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Making up on a therapy


This is the treatment of a mental disorder by means of a psychological approach rather than a medical approach. It is a complex interaction between two perfectly known variables, the client and the therapist. It is by its very nature, concerned with the basic themes of human life. Problems related to love, hate, birth, death, sexuality and power. Like one maintains their body by feeding it with the correct food and exercise, one needs to maintain their mind and thoughts as the physical and psychological do not exist independently.

Iridology SESSION

Is the science that uses the iris of the eye to diagnose and monitor tissue changes that are occurring or have occurred within the body. It has nothing to do with religion nor belief of a higher power. It is a pure researched diagnostic tool.
The relative strength or weakness of the constitution, tells you what your body’s general strength or weakness is.
Iridology is not a cure or treatment but only an aid meant to lead you to an accurate diagnosis.

Session including report: R400.00